Math Tips

Here are some "how-to's" that will come in handy.

How to Round a Number

To the nearest ten

If the ones digit is 5 or more, round to the next highest ten (68 rounds to 70).
If the ones digit is less than 5, round to the next lowest ten (33 rounds to 30).

To the nearest hundred

If the tens digit is 5 or more, round to the next highest hundred (384 rounds to 400).
If the tens digit is less than 5, round to the next lowest hundred (427 rounds to 400).

To the nearest thousand

If the hundreds digit is 5 or more, round to the next highest thousand (7,602 rounds to 8,000).
If the hundreds digit is less than 5, round to the next lowest thousand (7,268 rounds to 7,000).
How to Find an Average

To find the average of several numbers, add the numbers together and then divide the sum by the number of numbers.

The average of 17, 30, 6, and 7 = 60 ÷ 4 = 15

How to Tell if Two Fractions are Equivalent

Cross multiply the fractions. If both products are the same, the fractions are equivalent.

3 and 9 3 x 24 = 72 3 and 9 are equivalent fractions.
8 24 8 x 9 = 72 8 24

5 and 3 5 x12 = 60 5 and 3 are not equivalent fractions.
8 12 8 x 3 = 24 8 12

How to Find a Percentage

To tell what percentage one number is of a second number, divide the first number by the second. Move the decimal point of the resulting quotient two places to the right.

Example: What percentage is 20 of 300?
20 ÷ 300 = .067 = 6.7%
How to Change a Fraction to a Percentage

Divide the numerator by the denominator. Move the decimal point of the resulting quotient two places to the right.

6 = 6 ÷ 15 = .4 = .40 = 40%

How to Change a Decimal to a Percentage

Move the decimal point two places to the right.

0.792 = 79.2%

Refer to these how-to's until you can do them automatically.


Using Abbreviations To Write Notes Quickly

Using Abbreviations To Write Notes Quickly

Many of the questions you find on class tests will be based upon the information your teachers orally present in class. Therefore, you need to write class notes that completely and accurately include the most important information presented by your teachers. This is hard to do because your teachers can talk faster than you can write.

It would be nice if your teachers talked slower so that you could keep up with what they are saying as you write your notes. This is not realistic though. It is up to you to write more quickly. One way to do this is to write abbreviations for words.

An abbreviation is a shortened form of a word used when writing to represent the complete word. You must be able to recognize the complete word from its abbreviation.

Many words have a commonly used abbreviation. Here are some examples of words that have a common abbreviation:

Word Abbreviation Word Abbreviation
department dept package pkg
introduction intro negative neg
junior jr magazine mag
mathematics math foot ft
weight wt highway hwy

You can form your own abbreviation for just about any word. Here are three ways you can do this.

1. Write just the beginning of a long word. Here are some examples of long words that have been abbreviated by writing just the beginning of the word:

Word Abbreviation Word Abbreviation
different diff feminine fem
incorporated inc population pop
elementary elem ambiguous ambig
molecular molec separate sep
division div hippopotamus hippo

2. Leave out the vowels when writing a word. Here are some examples of words that have been abbreviated by leaving out the vowels when writing the word:
Word Abbreviation Word Abbreviation
century cntry point pnt
mountain mntn school schl
reason rsn clean cln
popular pplr teacher tchr
quality qlty progress prgrss

3. For words that have just one syllable, write just the first and last letter of the word. Here are some examples of words that have been abbreviated by writing just the first and last letter of the word:

Word Abbreviation Word Abbreviation
quart qt land ld
tick tk round rd
girl gl pack pk
night nt field fd
link lk heart ht

Use common abbreviations of words whenever you recognize them. For other words, form abbreviations by using one of the three ways you just learned. Use the way that best fits the word for which you are writing an abbreviation. Do not try to abbreviate every word you write in your notes. Abbreviate those words that are important and for which you can quickly form an abbreviation. REMEMBER: YOU MUST BE ABLE TO RECOGNIZE THE COMPLETE WORD FROM ITS ABBREVIATION. Knowing the context in which you wrote the word will help you recognize the complete word from its abbreviation.

Using abbreviations for words will help you take good notes more quickly. Having good notes will help you do better on tests.


Writing Techniques

Writing is an important form of communication. Good writers use different writing techniques to fit their purpose for writing. To be a good writer, you must master each of the following writing techniques.

1. Description

Through description, a writer helps the reader use the senses of feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling, and tasting to experience what the writer experiences. Description helps the reader more clearly understand the people, places, and things about which the writer is writing. It is the most common form of writing. You will find descriptive writing in newspapers, magazines, books, and most other forms of written communication.

2. Exposition

Through exposition, a writer informs, explains, and clarifies his/her ideas and thoughts. Exposition goes beyond description to help the reader understand with greater clarity and depth the ideas and thoughts of the writer. Expository writing, like descriptive writing, is commonly found in newspapers, magazines, books, and most other forms of written communication.

3. Narration

Through narration, a writer tells a story. A story has characters, a setting, a time, a problem, attempts at solving the problem, and a solution to the problem. Bedtime stories are examples of short stories while novels are examples of long stories. The scripts written for movies and plays are further examples of narrative writing.

4. Writing Techniques, Pen Persuasion

Through persuasion, a writer tries to change a reader's point of view on a topic, subject, or position. The writer presents facts and opinions to get the reader to understand why something is right, wrong, or in between. Editorials, letters to the editor in newspapers and magazines, and the text for a political speech are examples of persuasive writing.

5. Comparison and Contrast

Through comparison and contrast, a writer points out the similarities and differences about a topic. Comparison is used to show what is alike or in common. Contrast is used to show what is not alike or not in common. Describing living conditions in 1900 and living conditions today would allow for much comparison and contrast.

By using the writing technique that fits your purpose, you will be able to communicate your ideas effectively.


World Trivia Questions and Answers

Fun trivia questions and answers - World.

How many time zones are there in China?
A: Only one. Although the country covers 3,691,521 square miles and geographically could be in five different zones, the government requires clocks throughout the nation to conform to those in the capital (Beijing.)

What is the basic monetary unit of Zimbabwe called?
A: The dollar.

On what island are one-third of the world's languages spoken?
A: On New Guinea, where more than 700 distinct native languages can be heard.

What did 5 and 10-cent-store magnate F. W. Woolworth call the chain of stores he opened in England in 1909?
A: "Three-and-Sixpence" stores.

What famous French landmark is named after a German city?
A: The Eiffel Tower. It was built by Gustave Eiffel, whose upholsterer grandfather moved to Paris from Eifel, Germany, and became know as Eifel because his friends couldn't pronounce his name, Boenickhausen. Eventually granddad added another "f" and legally changed his name to Eiffel.

Archaeologists believe they have located the burial site of Boudicca, the British queen who led a bloody revolt against Roman rule in the first century A.D. Where is it?
A: Under Platform 8 of the King's Cross Railway Station in London.

When was the first kissaten--coffee shop --established in Tokyo?
A: In 1889.

What piece of construction equipment is named after an early seventeenth-century British hangman?
A: The derrick, which is named for Thomas Derrick--who carried out more than 3,000 executions during his career at Tyburn, near what is now the Marble Arch in London.

What Island nation was named after a Dutch province?
A: New Zealand, which was discovered by Dutch Explorer Abel Tasman in 1642 and named Nieuw Zeeland after Zeeland, a Dutch province bordering the North Sea.

What river is the longest in Europe?
A: The Volga, the principal waterway in Russia, which is approximately 2,293 miles long.

Where are the volcanoes Shira, Kibo and Mawenzi located?
A: In Tanzania--they are the three principal volcanoes that make up Mount Kilimanjaro.

What famous explorer included a photograph of his nude mistress in a book about his travels?
A: Robert Peary, discoverer of the North Pole. His Eskimo mistress, Aleqasia, was shown bathing.

The French knew the first ruler of the Holy Roman Empire as Charlemagne. What did the Germans call him?
A: Karl der Grosse--which, like Charlemagne, means Charles the Great.

What was the name of the pug that shared Napoleon and Josephine's bed?
A: Fortune.

What was the profession of Edmund Hillary, the New Zealander who conquered Mount Everest with Sherpa guide Tenzing Norkay in 1953?
A: Beekeeper, or apiarist.

How many beds were listed in the palace inventories of France's King Louis XIV?
A: 413.

The British prime minister's official residence is at Number 10 Downing Street. Whose official residence is at Number 11?
A: The Chancellor of the Exchequer's.

What Middle Eastern capital was once known as Philadelphia?
A: Amman, Jordan.

There was a major mistake in the 1968 film "Krakatoa, East of Java." What was it?
A: The location given in the title. The famous volcano is West of Java. The mistake was remedied when the movie was released on videocassette under a new title, "Volcano."


The LM555 Timer

The 555 timer is a popular circuit used for timing purposes. It can be used in:
  • Monostable mode in which the output is a high for a time determined by the external circuit.

  • Astable mode in which the output changes continually.

The 555 timer is a small 8-pin integrated circuit, and we can add resistors and capacitors to an external circuit to make it act as a monostable or an astable.

The pin arrangement (pin-out) is shown below:

555 timer in Monostable Mode
The 555 timer in monostable mode is constructed using the circuit shown in this diagram.

555 timer in Astable Mode

The 555 timer can be wired up to produce a train of pulses by ensuring that the circuit is astable, which means that it is not in a stable state. We can make astable circuits from other components, but the 555 timer gives a train of digital pulses. The diagram shows the circuit.

What is Procrastination?

Procrastination is putting off or avoiding doing something that must be done. It is natural to procrastinate occasionally. However, excessive procrastination can result in guilt feelings about not doing a task when it should be done. It can also cause anxiety since the task still needs to be done. Further, excessive procrastination can cause poor performance if the task is completed without sufficient time to do it well. In short, excessive procrastination can interfere with school and personal success.

Why Do Students Procrastinate?

There are many reasons why students procrastinate. Here are the most common reasons:

1. Perfectionism. A student’s standard of performance may be so high for a task that it does not seem possible to meet that standard.
2. Fear of Failure. A student may lack confidence and fear that he/she will be unable to accomplish a task successfully.
3. Confusion. A student may be unsure about how to start a task or how it should be completed.
4. Task Difficulty. A student may lack the skills and abilities needed to accomplish a task.
5. Poor Motivation. A student may have little or no interest in completing a task because he/she finds the task boring or lacking in relevance.
6. Difficulty Concentrating. A student may have too many things around that distract him/her from doing a task.
7. Task Unpleasantness. A student may dislike doing what a task requires.
8. Lack of Priorities. A student may have little or no sense about which tasks are most important to do.

How Do I Know if I Procrastinate Excessively?

You procrastinate excessively if you agree with five or more of the following statements:

1. I often put off starting a task I find difficult
2. I often give up on a task as soon as I start to find it difficult.
3. I often wonder why I should be doing a task.
4. I often have difficulty getting started on a task.
5. I often try to do so many tasks at once that I cannot do any of them.
6. I often put off a task in which I have little or no interest.
7. I often try to come up with reasons to do something other than a task I have to do.
8. I often ignore a task when I am not certain about how to start it or complete it.
9. I often start a task but stop before completing it.
10. I often find myself thinking that if I ignore a task, it will go away.
11. I often cannot decide which of a number of tasks I should complete first.
12. I often find my mind wandering to things other that the task on which I am trying to work.

What Can I Do About Excessive Procrastination?

Here are some things you can do to control excessive procrastination.

1. Motivate yourself to work on a task with thoughts such as “There is no time like the present,” or “Nobody’s perfect.”
2. Prioritize the tasks you have to do.
3. Commit yourself to completing a task once started.
4. Reward yourself whenever you complete a task.
5. Work on tasks at the times you work best.
6. Break large tasks into small manageable parts.
7. Work on tasks as part of a study group.
8. Get help from teachers and other students when you find a task difficult.
9. Make a schedule of the tasks you have to do and stick to it.
10. Eliminate distractions that interfere with working on tasks.
11. Set reasonable standards that you can meet for a task.
12. Take breaks when working on a task so that you do not wear down.
13. Work on difficult and/or unpleasant tasks first.
14. Work on a task you find easier after you complete a difficult task.
15. Find a good place to work on tasks.

Above all, think positively and get going. Once you are into a task, you will probably find that it is more interesting than you thought it would be and not as difficult as you feared. You will feel increasingly relieved as you work toward its accomplishment and will come to look forward to the feeling of satisfaction you will experience when you have completed the task.


How to Play and Learn How To Solve Sudoku

How to play Sudoku

Try to fill the grid with the integers 1 to 9 such that each row, column, and box (3×3 regions bordered by thick lines) contains a single instance of all the integers from 1 to 9.

Take a look at the following example. Click on the image to see the solution.You would notice that each row has an instance of 1 to 9, each column has an instance of 1 to 9 and each 3 × 3 box has an instance of 1 to 9. A well designed sudoku puzzle would have only one possible solution.

Although the sudoku rules are simple, the difficulty of a iudoku puzzle may range from very easy to very hard. This could have contributed to the popularity of sudoku as it can be designed as a puzzle for kids or a puzzle for the experts.

There are also many variations of sudoku that can make the puzzle even more challenging than the basic 9 × 9 puzzle.

Learn How To Solve Sudoku

Solving Sudoku involves several different logical methods or strategies.

Have a look at this video series of Sudoku Tips which will show you the different techniques that can be used to solve Sudoku Puzzles.

Here's an e-book that teaches the methods of solving Sudoku and has lots of Sudoku puzzles that you can practice with - Sudoku By Steps.


Fun History Trivia Questions and Answers

Fun History Trivia Questions and Answers:

What was the first country to recognize Mexico's independence, in 1836?
A: The U.S.

What encyclopedia's first edition, in 1771, described California as "a large country of the West Indies"?
A: Encyclopedia Britannica's.

Who was the only American to become vice president and president after resignations?
A: Gerald Ford.

What year did the Dow Jones Industrial Average break both the 4000 and 5000 marks?
A: 1995.

Who saw his crew dine on wormy biscuits and rats on his fourth voyage to the New World?
A: Christopher Columbus.

What disgraced vice president's high school yearbook quote read; "An ounce of wit is worth a pound of sorrow"?
A: Spiro Agnew.

Who was the youngest man to chair the Joint Chiefs of Staff?
A: Colin Powell.

Which of Henry VIII's wives gave birth to Elizabeth I?
A: Anne Boleyn.

What 19th-century president erroneously noted: "The ballot is stronger than the bullet"?
A: Abraham Lincoln.

What country led all Arab nations in the number of troops participating in Operation Desert Storm?
A: Saudi Arabia.

Who did George Bush accuse of being "a card-carrying member" of the American Civil Liberties Union, in 1988?
A: Michael Dukakis.

Fun history trivia questions and answers.

What presidential election year saw Republicans dub Democrats the party of "Communism, Corruption and Korea"?

What position was Eileen Collins the first female to hold on a space shuttle mission?
A: Captain.

What were the Viet Minh called when they crossed into South Vietnam?
A: The Viet Cong.

What Russian cleric was poisoned, shot and finally drowned on December 30, 1916?
A: Rasputin.

Who led the Million Man March on Washington?
A: Louis Farrakhan.

What country suffered the worst two earthquakes in history, killing 830,000 in 1556 and 750,000 in 1976?
A: China.

What Eastern European city was the last city to be liberated in World War II?
A: Prague.

What country used the deadly nerve gas Sarin against its Kurdish minority in the 1990s?
A: Iraq.

What general did GI's nickname "Top Gun" in the Persian Gulf War?
A: Colin Powell.

What trade union was finally legalized in Poland in 1989?
A: Solidarity.

What symbol was first linked to the Democratic party in an 1870 cartoon by Thomas Nast?
A: A donkey.

What Harry Callahan line did Ronald Reagan invoke to "tax increasers"?
A: "Go ahead, make my day".

What explorer of North Carolina never got to finish his "History of the World" while banished to the Tower of London?
A: Sir Walter Raleigh.

Who was president of the U.S. when Uncle Sam first got a beard?
A: Abraham Lincoln.

Who did Adolf Hitler dictate Mein Kampf to while in prison?
A: Rudolf Hess.

What structure was 26.5 miles long until 1989?
A: The Berlin Wall.

What sport sparked a war between El Salvador and Honduras, after an unpopular referee's call in 1969?
A: Soccer.


Parts of Speech

A part of speech explains how a word is used. In traditional English grammar, there are eight parts of speech. Knowing about each part of speech will help you use words correctly when speaking and writing. Your communication skills will be enhanced.

Here are the eight parts of speech and their most common meanings:

Noun: A noun is a word that names a person, place, or thing.


(person) – Michael Jordan was a great basketball player.

(place) – I left my notebook at school.

(thing) – I enjoy reading a good book.

A noun that names only one person, place, or thing is a singular noun. A noun that names more than one person, place, or thing is a plural noun. For example, automobile is a singular noun, while automobiles is a plural noun.

Pronoun: A pronoun is a word that is used in place of a noun. Pronouns act just like nouns.


Bob gave me the best puppy in the litter.

Now that cute puppy is mine.

Adjective: An adjective is a word that describes a noun. It can tell what kind or how many.


(what kind) That was a wonderful movie.

(how many) Only several people attended the town meeting.

Verb: A verb is a word that shows action. A present tense verb shows action that is happening now. A past tense verb shows action that has already happened. A future tense verb shows action that will happen.


(present tense) Please move the chair away from the wall.

(past tense) I walked home from school yesterday.

(future tense) We are going on vacation in the middle of July.

Adverb: An adverb is a word that describes a verb. It can tell how or when.


(how) I try to eat my food slowly.

(when) I like Jamie because he never lies.

Conjunction: A conjunction is a word that connects words in a sentence.


Susan and Anna are very close friends.

I will go to the park if you come too.

Preposition: A preposition is a word that links and relates a noun or pronoun to another word in a sentence.


I haven’t gone to the gym since Tuesday.

Tom said that he was against Bill’s idea.

Interjection: An interjection is a word that expresses emotion. It is usually an exclamation that is followed by an exclamation point (!). Sometimes, an interjection is followed by a comma (,).


Wow! That movie was scary.

Oops, I didn’t mean to do that.

Knowing these eight parts of speech will improve your writing and speaking.


Using Prefixes to Expand Your Vocabulary

What is a prefix?

You must understand what a root word is in order to understand what a prefix is.

A root word is a word you can change into a new word by adding a beginning and/or an ending.

A prefix is a beginning that is added to a root word.

For example, take the root word “purpose.” By adding the prefix “multi” to “purpose,” the new word “multipurpose” is formed.

Every prefix has its own meaning. When added to a root word, a prefix changes the meaning of the root word to which it is added. The root word “purpose” means “an aim or a goal one wishes to achieve.” The prefix “multi” means “many.” The new word “multipurpose” means “designed or used for many purposes.”

Learning to identify prefixes and knowing their meanings are great ways to expand your vocabulary. An expanded vocabulary will increase your listening and speaking comprehension. It will also help you communicate more effectively when writing or taking tests.

Some Common Prefixes

Here are some common prefixes. The meaning of each prefix is shown, as well as words that can be formed by adding the prefix to root words. Using these prefixes and others will expand your vocabulary.

Prefix Meaning of Prefix Words Formed Using the Prefix
re again replay, resend, replace
hyper over hyperactive, hypersensitive, hyperventilate
un not unclear, unsure, undecided
tri three triangle, tricycle, triweekly
pre before prepay, prepackage, predate
mis wrong misconduct, misspell, misunderstand
sub below subway, substandard, submarine

Some More Prefixes

Here are some more prefixes and their meanings. You can add these prefixes to many root words to form new words and expand your vocabulary.



To build your vocabulary using prefixes, do the following:

1. When you see a prefix whose meaning you do not know, look up its meaning in a dictionary.
2. Write the prefix and its meaning where you can refer to it easily and often.
3. Review the meaning of these prefixes from time to time.
4. Form words by adding these prefixes to root words.
5. Use these words when you speak and write.

Watch your vocabulary grow!


Confusing Pairs of Words

Many pairs of words sound alike or nearly alike, but each has a different meaning. For example, affect means to influence something, while effect means the result of something. Words like these can be easily confused with each other.

You must be careful to use the correct word from a pair of such confusing words when you are writing and speaking. If not, you may express something different than what you mean to express.

For example, suppose you are writing about the importance of a good marriage. You write that martial bliss is a wonderful thing. The word martial refers to war. You should have written that marital bliss is a wonderful thing. The word marital refers to marriage.

You wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself by addressing a letter to the administrator of your school as “Dear Principle.” The word principle means a fundamental truth. You should write “Dear Principal.” The word principal refers to the head of a school.

Here are some word pairs that are commonly confused. Learn the meanings of each of the words so that you use them correctly.
Accept – to take something that is given to you
Except – to leave out

Altar – a raised place used in religious services
Alter – to change

Ascent – to climb
Assent – to agree

Brake – a device for stopping or slowing a vehicle
Break – to come apart

Cite – to document
Site – a place

Coarse – rough
Course – moving from one point to the next

Complement - something that makes a thing whole or perfect
Compliment – to praise

Conscience – a sense of right and wrong
Conscious – state of being awake

Descent – coming from a higher place to a lower one
Dissent – to disagree

Desert – a dry, hot, sandy area
Dessert – the sweet final part of a meal

Device – something made for a certain purpose
Devise – to invent something or develop a plan

Elicit – to bring out
Illicit – illegal

Eminent – famous or well respected
Imminent – about to happen

Faint – weak
Feint – a movement meant to deceive

Forth – forward
Fourth – an ordinal number

Here – at or in a place
Hear – to receive sound through one’s ears

Hoard – to save and store away
Horde – a very large group

Hole – an opening through something
Whole – an entire thing

Loath – reluctant
Loathe – greatly dislike

Palate – the roof of the mouth
Palette – an artist’s board for mixing paints

Peace – absence of fighting
Piece – a portion of something

Plain – clearly seen, heard, or understood
Plane – a flat surface

Pore – a very small opening in the skin
Pour – to cause something to flow

Precede – to come before
Proceed – to go forward

Shear – to cut the wool off a sheep
Sheer – so thin you can see through it

Stationary – to stand still
Stationery – writing paper

Waist – the part of the human body between the ribs and the hips
Waste – to use or spend carelessly

Weak – without strength
Week – a period of seven days
Don’t be CONFUSED! Learn the meanings of these words to use them correctly.


Taking Notes in Class

In classes, your teachers will talk about topics that you are studying. The information they provide will be important for you to know when you take tests. You must be able to take good written notes from what your teachers say.

Justify FullTaking good notes is a three-stage process in which there are certain things you should do before class, during class, and after class. Here are the three stages of note taking and what you should do during each stage.

1. Get Ready to Take Notes (Before Class)

* Review your notes from the previous class session before you come to class. This will help you remember what was covered and get you ready to understand new information your teacher provides.

* Complete all assigned readings before you come to class. Your teacher will expect that you have done this and will use and build upon this information.

* Bring all notetaking materials with you to class. Have several pens and pencils as well as your notebook.

2. Take Notes (During Class)

* Keep your attention focused on what your teacher is saying. Listen for “signal statements” that tell you that what your teacher is about to say is important to write in your notes. Examples of signal statements are “The most important point…” and “Remember that . . . “ Be sure to include in your notes information that your teacher repeats or writes on the chalkboard.

* Write quickly so that you can include all the important information in your notes. Do this by writing abbreviated words such as med for medicine, using symbols such as % for percent, and writing short sentences.

* Place a ? next to information you write in your notes, but about whose meaning you are not sure.

3. Rewrite Your Notes (After Class)

Rewrite your notes to make them more complete by changing abbreviated words into whole words, symbols into words, and shortened sentences into longer sentences.
Make your notes more accurate by answering any questions you had when writing your notes in class. Use your textbook and reference sources to obtain the information you need to answer your questions. If necessary, ask your teacher or other students for help.
Check with other students to be sure you did not leave out important information.

Having good class notes will help you to be better prepared for tests.


The Ten Study Habits of Successful Students

Successful students have good study habits. They apply these habits to all of their classes. Read about each study habit. Work to develop any study habit you do not have.

Successful students:
1. Try not to do too much studying at one time.

If you try to do too much studying at one time, you will tire and your studying will not be very effective. Space the work you have to do over shorter periods of time. Taking short breaks will restore your mental energy.

2. Plan specific times for studying.

Study time is any time you are doing something related to schoolwork. It can be completing assigned reading, working on a paper or project, or studying for a test. Schedule specific times throughout the week for your study time.

3. Try to study at the same times each day.

Studying at the same times each day establishes a routine that becomes a regular part of your life, just like sleeping and eating. When a scheduled study time comes up during the day, you will be mentally prepared to begin studying.

4. Set specific goals for their study times.

Goals will help you stay focused and monitor your progress. Simply sitting down to study has little value. You must be very clear about what you want to accomplish during your study times.

5. Start studying when planned.

You may delay starting your studying because you don’t like an assignment or think it is too hard. A delay in studying is called “procrastination.” If you procrastinate for any reason, you will find it difficult to get everything done when you need to. You may rush to make up the time you wasted getting started, resulting in careless work and errors.

6. Work on the assignment they find most difficult first.

Your most difficult assignment will require the most effort. Start with your most difficult assignment since this is when you have the most mental energy.

7. Review their notes before beginning an assignment.

Reviewing your notes can help you make sure you are doing an assignment correctly. Also, your notes may include information that will help you complete an assignment.

8. Tell their friends not to call them during their study times.

Two study problems can occur if your friends call you during your study times. First, your work is interrupted. It is not that easy to get back to what you were doing. Second, your friends may talk about things that will distract you from what you need to do. Here’s a simple idea – turn off your cell phone during your study times.

9. Call another student when they have difficulty with an assignment.

This is a case where “two heads may be better than one.”

10. Review their schoolwork over the weekend.

Yes, weekends should be fun time. But there is also time to do some review. This will help you be ready to go on Monday morning when another school week begins.

These ten study habits can help you throughout your education. Make sure they are your study habits.


September 2008 Philippine Bar Examination Results

The Philippine Bar Examination is the national licensure exam for the admission to the practice of law. The 2008 bar examinations committee was chaired by Associate Justice Dante Tinga.

A total of 1,310 out of 6,364 have passed the 2008 bar examinations, the Supreme Court announced Friday evening.


1. Lardizabal, Judy A. - San Sebastian College 85.70%
2. Amerol-Macumbal, Mylene I. - Mindanao State University 85.65%
3. Baclay, Jr., Oliver P. - Ateneo de Manila University 85.60%
4. Jala, Majesty Eve L. - Ateneo de Manila University 85.55%
5. Liceralde, Ma. Elizabeth L. - University of the Philippines 85.40%
6. Macapagal, Micael T. - University of the Philippines 84.15%
7. Dy, Denise S. - Ateneo de Manila University 84.00%
7. Regis, April Love C. - Ateneo de Manila University 84.00%
8. Tan, Christine Joy K. - Ateneo de Manila University 83.80%
9. Jacob, Jihan A. - San Beda College 83.75%
9. Velasquez, Shirley G. - University of the Philippines 83.75%
10. Raymundo, Vanessa C. - San Beda College 83.70%

Lardizabal of the San Sebastian College bested 6,364 law graduates from 108 law schools who took the 2008 Bar examination last September. Lardizabal and the other 1,309 board passers will take their oath at 2 p.m. on April 28, 2009, at the Philippine International Convention Center.

1. ABABA Victoria D
2. ABAD Bernard O
3. ABAD Francis Michael C
4. ABADEZA Melissa A
5. ABALOS Christian Noel C
6. ABALOS Joseph Ryan C
7. ABALOS Mcdonald G
8. ABANTE Priscilla Marie T
9. ABARCA Jerome G
10. ABAYA Mark Francis P
11. ABAYON Jerome B
12. ABDULLAH Noor Hafizullah M
13. ABEJARON Arnold C
14. ABELITA Peter Filip S
15. ABELLA Marie Velle P
16. ABENOJAR Lilian C
17. ABESAMIS Ellen V
18. ABO Rolando T
19. ABREA Elton Dick J
20. ABRENICA Angelee Marree A
21. ABUCEJO Joan D
22. ABYADANG Harriet N
23. ACHAS John Albino C
24. ACOSTA Carl De Liz L
25. ADJU Annally T
26. ADMANA Gerlie A
27. ADRIANO Alexander DG
28. ADRIANO Karen J
29. ADVINCULA Ma. Carolina T
30. AFRICA Voltaire B
31. AGAAB Jose Raphael E
32. AGATEP, JR. Orlino D
33. AGGALAO Arnold O
34. AGRAVANTE Evelyn T
35. AGTARAP Florina C
36. AGTARAP Richard M
37. AGUAS Princess Luren D
38. AGUDO Elma Jewelle A
39. AGUILAR Aileen R
40. ALANO Joseph Rod Allan C
41. ALBO Aubrey F
42. ALCANTARA Abraham Joseph B
43. ALCARDE Princess May C
44. ALCOREZA Joden B
45. ALCUAZ Alfonso Ismael A
46. ALEGRE Jacqueline Ann C
47. ALEGRE Marife M
49. ALEJANDRO Johnsen H
50. ALIBANIA, JR. Eliseo C
51. ALICER Arthur Anthony S
52. ALILAM James G
53. ALIPIO, II Abraham C
54. ALISUAG Ma. Lenina C
55. ALLAM Marion P
56. ALMA JOSE Sylvia R
57. ALMALBIS Jelou F
58. ALMARIO Gilbert S
59. ALMARIO Shari-christine S
60. ALMAZAR Michael Barney R
61. ALMERO Rowena Joyce R
62. ALMOETE Martee L
64. ALMONTE, JR. Bienvenido B
65. ALONZO Timmy Joy S
66. ALPAY Zinia P
67. ALUNDAY Reynold B
68. ALVINA Cynthia L
69. AMBOANG Louilyn N
71. AMIGABLE, JR. Felizardo D
72. AMIS Kathryn D
73. AMISTAD Christian B
74. AMOD Merxel Mae O
75. AMOR Aileen L
76. AMOR Fernando R
77. AMORA, JR. Lilio J
78. AMPIG Francis Athanasius D
79. AMPONG, III Teodulfo S
80. ANDRES Gilbert T
81. ANDUMANG Archie R
82. ANG Arlon U
83. ANG Juvielet Jeanne A
84. ANGELES Albert Lee G
85. ANGELES Erwin C
86. ANGELES Erwin Rommel S
87. ANIAG Mark Anthony V
88. ANITO Mylene A
89. ANONAT Jerry C
90. ANTERO Richard S
91. ANTIG Pamela Angela U
92. ANTONIO Elizabeth B
93. ANTONIO Hannah Lorraine Y
94. ANTONIO Harold M
95. AOANAN Kleider Rex C
96. APAO, JR. Mariano L
97. APASAN Joseph Ryan C
98. APILADO Louella Xylee T
99. APOLINARIO Charmaine C
100. APUYOD Jesus F
101. AQUENDE Hardy B
102. AQUINO Magnolia P
103. AQUINO Mark M
104. AQUINO Paolo R
105. AQUINO Patrick T
106. ARANAS Melchor Jaemond A
107. ARAULA, II Felix B
109. ARBOLEDA Lisette M
110. ARCE Cecilia Maria Rosario M
111. ARCE Liwayway D
112. ARCENAL-NOGRA Aiiza Fiel A
113. ARELLANO-AGUDA Jesusa Loreto A
114. ARGABIOSO Antonio S
115. ARGENIO Kareen May E
116. ARIAS Jolienne Lee D
117. ARIOLA Aimee Riza S
118. ARIOSA Gia L
119. ARITAO, JR. Benjamin E
120. ARNADO Richard M
121. ARQUILLO Ruby B
122. ARTUZ Pearly Sheila F
123. ARZADON Romino G
124. ASENCION Marissa R
125. ASUNCION, III Isaiah O
126. ATAS Richelle L
127. ATENSOR Joseph Brian A
128. ATIENZA Catalino C
129. ATIENZA Katrina Catherine P
130. ATIENZA Leynard B
131. ATIENZA Verdie J
132. ATOS Richelle Mae G
133. AURO Christian V
134. AUTENTICO Ana Michaela N
135. AVELLANO Christine F
136. AVISADO Ethel C
137. AYENG Adelaide Nancy Sybil G
138. AYO Danilo M
139. AYUNGO Theodorick K
140. AZARRAGA Juliet C
141. AÑOVER Paul Vincent W
142. BA-ALAN Orlando A
143. BACARAMAN Nur Jaypha R
144. BACLAY, JR. Oliver P
145. BACLAYO Ruby T
146. BACOLOR Heidi F
147. BACON Edwin M
148. BACONG Jeanie Rose A
149. BAETIONG Joselito M
150. BAGGAYAN Ma. Jonalyn F
151. BAGSIT Liza Flor T
152. BAGUIO Fritz B
153. BAHIAN Rachelle I
154. BAHJIN, II Jainal Abidin Y
155. BAI Muhlis S
156. BAJENIO Webb I
157. BALANGCOD Christobal J
158. BALANGITAN Mark Jeff W
159. BALANON Maxlen C
160. BALBOA Conrada A
161. BALDOVINO Renoir O
162. BALLARAN Armi L
163. BALLINAN John Dale A
164. BALMEO Trinidad V
165. BALTAR Jonathan Z
166. BALTAZAR Jay Francis P
167. BALTAZAR Ma. Francesca Q
168. BANAGUI Leah B
169. BANALAGAY Harold Howell D
170. BANDONELL Marinel F
171. BANIQUED Marigel M
172. BANSON, JR. Ceferino W
173. BANTASAN Joel C
174. BANZON Melissa Suzette L
175. BAQUIRAN Monalyn Ann L
176. BARATA Erwin N
177. BARCENAS Ligaya Victoria U
178. BARIL-LLEGUE Josefina M
179. BARIN Anna Gayle T
180. BARING-PRIETO Aiza Marie M
181. BARRIOS, III Isidro B
182. BARTOLOME Harold Ian V
183. BARTOLOME Prescila D
184. BARTOLOME Vincent Vos R
185. BARTOLOME, JR. David S
186. BARTOLOME, JR. Gaudencio P
187. BASA Fernando C
188. BASANES Karla Kristine L
189. BASCO Diana Joyce N
190. BASILGO Gembeth G
191. BATAC Regina C
192. BATALLA Maria Phenny Joan G
193. BATE Nover M
194. BATHAN Maricris E
195. BATU Kasarinlan S
196. BAUTISTA Cliff John C
197. BAYOTAS Michael Darwin M
198. BAYSAC Dianna Lynne S
199. BAÑAGA Myra Janina P
200. BAÑEZ Emerson S
201. BEJA Ma. Jela Teresa S
203. BELEN Vernon A
204. BELENA Persephone Meir B
205. BELLEZA John M
206. BELMES Mae Richelle B
207. BELMONTE Mary Elizabeth (marybee) M
209. BERIANA Charlene A
210. BERMEJO Ma. Teresa Ana V
211. BERMEJO Maricel F
212. BERNABE, II Regina V
213. BERNALES, JR. Marcial P
216. BERON Jay Cesar I
217. BESSAT Madeleine A
218. BIBAL Joanne Mae A
219. BIGOL Maria Victoria B
221. BIRON Jose Noe James S
222. BONDAD, JR. Rodolfo A
223. BONGAR Kharen Lee P
224. BONGHANOY Liewellyn F
225. BORJA Haidee O
226. BORJA Jacqueline Q
227. BORRA Katrina P
228. BRACIA M. Melvin B
229. BRAGADO Joel Emilio F
230. BRAGAT Maria Lourdes C
231. BREGALA Dennis B
232. BRILLANTES Fel Lester G
233. BRINGAS Catherine S
234. BRION Francis C
235. BRIONES Estrellita B
236. BROCALES Christopher Redeemson R
237. BROTONEL Jo Katrina V
238. BRUAN, JR. Cesario B
239. BUBAN Josephine M
240. BUENA Delbert Clifford V
241. BUENDIA Cristina B
242. BUENO Cheryl F
243. BUGA-AY Vicente Fidel C
244. BUGAOAN Eric Vincent H
245. BUGHAO Melvin Cydrick M
246. BUHAIN Camille R
247. BUNDOC Jacqueline C
248. BUNGABONG Kurt Adolph C
250. BURDEOS Sherry Joy O
251. BURGOS Ma. Lourdes S
252. BUSI Barrytone A
253. CABADING Marilex L
254. CABALI Pearl Grace G
255. CABALLERO Maynard G
257. CABANILLA Cris Francis O
258. CABANSAG Glynis Lyn R
259. CABIC Ellen Aster B
260. CABOTEJA, JR. Romeo O
261. CABRERA Cherrie Mae S
262. CABRERA Maria Christine C
263. CABRIDO Candice Elizabeth A
265. CACAYURAN Sheryll P
267. CACHAPERO Marty P
268. CACHO Arlene Valerie G
269. CADIOGAN, JR. Randolph C
270. CAINTO Angela Faith L
271. CAINTO Leo V
272. CAJIGAL Wilbur R
273. CAJILIG Geraldine A
274. CALAGUI Eric-john S
276. CALAMBA Winsor B
278. CALDE Nimreh L
279. CALDE Roland P
280. CALINISAN Rafael Vicente R
281. CALPO Ma. Lourdes Gaye T
282. CAMACHO Alva C
283. CAMANDERO-GURO Kristine M
284. CAMARA Mark Darwin A
285. CAMPANER Francisco M
286. CANDELARIA Desiree G
287. CANIBA May A
288. CANTALEJO John Dale A
289. CANTIL Jason A
290. CANTIMBUHAN Veron Joy J
291. CAPARAS Melanie C
292. CAPINPIN Michael Joseph C
293. CAPUSEN Dimsey J
294. CAPUYAN Julifaith C
295. CARDENAS Maria Josella Teresa M
296. CARILLO Mae Jill B
297. CARINGAL Carlos M
298. CARINGAL Glenda Leah A
299. CARITOS Rona Ann V
300. CARIÑO Arbin Omar P
301. CARIÑO Marlon M
302. CARLOS Roy E
303. CARMONA Sheila Minnelli V
304. CASTASUS Lee Guian Paulo O
305. CASTIL Rico C
306. CASTILLEJO Raymond Christle N
307. CASTILLO Eleazar E
308. CASTILLO Javerick G
309. CASTILLO Ma. Christina G
310. CASTILLO Paul Cornelius T
311. CASTILLO, JR. Emmanuel F
312. CASTRO Allan R
313. CASTRO Carmencita D
314. CASTRO Cyril Alfred S
315. CASTRO Elvira Joselle R
316. CASTRO Jose Romulo L
317. CASTRO Lorelei A
318. CASTRO Rohail R
319. CATALO Janice C
320. CATAPANG Dyan Kristi C
321. CATAPANG-ROSALES Luzviminda C
322. CATIBAYAN Luis Manuel M
323. CATRE Mary Christine Charisse G
324. CATRE, JR. Noel Christian G
325. CAUILAN Joey L
326. CAUNAN Patricia Yvonne M
327. CAYANGA Edelisa May M
328. CAZEÑAS Mary Dezerie D
329. CAÑAL Renato E
330. CAÑAMO Peter B
331. CAÑEDO Jose Ritche O
332. CAÑEDO, JR. Florenz O
333. CAÑETE Ferdinand C
334. CAÑO Maria Janice B
335. CECILIO, JR. Uldarico P
336. CEDEÑO Al Joseph V
337. CENIZA Yvonne C
338. CENTENO Joseph Darren C
339. CEREZO Jimbert A
340. CERVANTES Leonardo Roy A
341. CHAN Marvin A
342. CHAN Phil Ivan A
343. CHANECO Maria Cecilia V
344. CHANYUNGCO Caleen T
345. CHAO-AYAN Lalaine Y
346. CHAVEZ, JR. Raul B
347. CHAVEZ-BERNARDO Anunsacion P
348. CHING Betha Fe A
349. CHIONG Kristine Vanessa T
350. CHOI Christina T
351. CHONG Juan Ruffo D
352. CHUA Joan A
353. CHUA Jon Anton Daryl Y
354. CHUA Marites L
355. CHUA Maximilian
356. CHUA CHENG Perfecto Adelfo C
357. CIRILO Kristine Ria N
358. CLARIN Armando T
359. CLARINO Madonna N
360. CLEMENCIO Djhoana Gene A
361. CLEMENTE Katrina O
362. CLOMA Melissa D
363. CO Janice L
364. COBSEN Martinelli R
365. COLES Christopher R
366. COLINIO, JR. Ricardo A
367. COLLANTES King George Leandro Antonio V
368. COMAFAY, JR. Errol B
369. COMAHIG Niño Rey P
370. CONDEZ Christina Faye M
371. CONDEZ Dustin Jay A
372. CONDOR Glenn D
373. CONSEBIT Norlyn P
374. CONSTANTINO Alvin Joseph G
375. CONSTANTINO Bernie Francis B
376. CONSTANTINO Cherry Mae M
377. CONSTANTINO Placido S
378. CONTRERAS Monaliza G
379. CORGOS Lenon Jay A
380. CORNEL Bernadette O
381. CORPUZ Christine C
382. CORPUZ Cynthia C
383. CORTES Santos Anthony O
384. COSTELO Arnold C
385. COTIAMCO Casiano Anthony G
386. CRESPO Alesandro G
387. CRISTOBAL Kristan Carlos M
388. CRUZ Agatha Paula A
389. CRUZ Anthony Ronar B
390. CRUZ Carmenez B
391. CRUZ Ferdinand O
392. CRUZ Karl Cornelio A
393. CRUZ, JR. Rene P
394. CRUZ-MENDOZA Karen Kaye C
395. CU Migñon Chrix D
396. CUA Mary Kimberly G
397. CUBERO John Paul B
398. CUEVAS Brian James C
399. CUGAL Arnold V
400. CUIZON Cyril Bryan D
401. CULANCULAN Ma. Cherryl M
402. CUMITAG Gaius P
403. CURAZA Maria Aurora R
404. CUSTODIO Niersen C
405. CUÑADA Jp Anthony D
406. CUÑANO Paul Michael J
407. DAAYATA Jessamine M
408. DABU Maria Helen T
409. DACLAN Eller Roel I
410. DACQUEL Denny A
411. DAGARAGA Roschelle B
412. DALANAO Heidiliza G
413. DALANGIN, JR. Bart Q
414. DALLO Zorayda R
415. DANAO Catherine S
416. DANLAG-LUIG Razel A
417. DANO Richard M
418. DATOON Teresita U
419. DAVID Kristine Kay S
420. DAVID Timothy J
421. DAYAG Wilhelmina Mojet S
422. DE CASTRO Thomas John Thaddeus F
423. DE GUZMAN Rico J
424. DE GUZMAN, III Ricardo C
425. DE JESUS Michael Ken R
426. DE JUAN-HERMOSO Maribeth L
427. DE LA CRUZ Kareen P
428. DE LARA Joel M
429. DE LEON Cyril F
430. DE LEON May Angeli G
431. DE LEON, JR. Hernan Ed Noel L
432. DE LOS SANTOS, JR. Ricardo C
433. DE LUNA Sherwin M
434. DE PERALTA Christian G
435. DE VERA Celina S
436. DE VEYRA Juan Carlos J
437. DEFANTE Divi Bless G
438. DEL SOCORRO Lloyd Ismael O
439. DELA CHICA Jose Jay E
440. DELA CRUZ Allen S
441. DELA CRUZ Donna Cher A
442. DELA CRUZ Eric B
443. DELA CRUZ John Gerald B
444. DELA CRUZ June Abigail S
445. DELA CRUZ Marie Francesca Luz O
446. DELA PAZ Carmela T
447. DELA PEÑA Aldin P
448. DELA RAMA Myra P
449. DELFIN Jeremy Diosana
450. DELGADO Julius Gregory B
451. DELOS REYES Grace Maria Theresa Bambi A
452. DELOS SANTOS Mar Angelo G
453. DEMETILLO Jasmin M
454. DERIGAY Rachel F
455. DIANO Melanie Rita B
456. DICIANO Rachel I
457. DIDAL Janice M
459. DIMAISIP Joyce Jazmin G
460. DIMANLIG Nicole Ava S
461. DINO Jan Paulo DL
462. DIONISIO Mary Jaynard P
463. DITAN Maria Cristina A
464. DIVINAGRACIA Angiebel A
465. DIVINO Markson E
466. DIÑO Dominic A
467. DOCDOCIL Edith A
468. DOMINGO Bernard Joseph E
469. DOMINGO Johnson V
470. DOMINGO Joyce Felisa B
471. DOMINGO Maria Paula B
472. DOMINGUEZ Ina Alexandra A
473. DOMINO Julie Ann B
474. DORIA Arnold V
475. DUEÑAS Niña Genoveva D
476. DUNGCA Joy F
477. DURAN Alain Zam C
478. DURAN Marie Christine A
479. DURANO Mylene M
480. DY Denise S
481. DY Mark Robert A
483. EBREO Madonna L
484. EDUARTE, JR. Henedino Joseph P
485. ELANG Muiz-za M
486. ELE Maria Felicitas V
487. ELOT Beda Joy B
488. ENOPIA Frederick A
489. ENTILA Julius C
491. ESCAUSO Ronald C
492. ESCOLANO Ida Marie V
493. ESGUERRA Roman S
494. ESPEJO-BIAG Angela Patrice A
495. ESPELA Melan M
496. ESPINELI Karen Jill M
497. ESPINO Alain Paul B
498. ESPINOSA Mark B
499. ESPIRITU Kristine Nicole M
501. ESQUEJO Hilda L
502. ESQUIVIAS Julius Thomas A
504. ESTOLAS May Angeli M
505. ESTRELLA Paula Sophia G
506. EUSTAQUIO Magnolia D
508. FABIAN Marie P
509. FABILLAN Alexanderwerk E
510. FAJARDO Jean S
511. FAMOR Orwin Lloyd M
512. FARIÑAS Cherry Dane A
513. FAURILLO Michelle A
514. FAVIS Maria Cristina D
515. FAVORITO Meliza F
516. FELICIANO Dennis P
517. FELIPE Jennifer D
518. FERNANDEZ Ennoh Chentis R
519. FERNANDEZ Maricel D
520. FERNANDEZ Mc Jill Bryant T
521. FERNANDEZ Suzie A
522. FERNANDEZ, IV Cristobal R
523. FERRER Maricris S
524. FERROLINO Concepcion Zeny E
526. FLORES Aldwin Z
527. FLORES Ellen Grace R
528. FLORES Pedrito B
529. FLORES Sherwin D
530. FLORIA Joselea Y
531. FOZ Justice Anthony A
532. FRANCISCO Mariel L
533. FRANCISCO, JR. Philomel D
534. FRANCO Karin-lei N
535. FRISNEDI April Joy L
536. FUENTEBELLA Felix William B
537. FUENTES Ruth C
538. FULE-LOGAN Kathy Luisa G
539. FURIGAY Mark Leo P
540. GABIHAN Dennis R
541. GABOR Allan Jae V
542. GABRIEL Daisy Ann S
543. GABRIEL Sherry Anne C
544. GACUTAN Sheila C
545. GAELA Frederick C
546. GALANG Emmanuel L
547. GALANTO Mary Anne B
548. GALAPON Martin C
549. GALVAN Mark J
550. GALVEZ Hernando C
551. GALVEZ Mechelee Kieth F
552. GAMBOA Joan Lou P
553. GANA Joanna Kristine S
554. GAPATAN Jasmine Ann B
555. GARCIA Grace P
556. GARCIA Jesse James A
557. GARCIA Kerwyn D
558. GARCIA Marc Jeremiah R
559. GARCIA Maria Khristina Z
560. GARCIA Marisa P
561. GARCIA Mark Evarra M
562. GARCIA Michael P
563. GARCIA-GABRIEL Aura Rizza A
564. GARRUCHO Gretchen Y
565. GATDULA Eddielyn L
566. GATURIAN Lalaine T
567. GAVAS, JR. Ernesto R
568. GAY-YA Jerico G
569. GAYAGAY Romelyn B
570. GEALON Rey M
571. GEBILAGUIN Shiela D
572. GELBOLINGO Juliemie B
573. GENUINO Erwin F
574. GEOCANIGA Rommel T
575. GERMAN Dainelee V
576. GIANAN, JR. Lino A
577. GIGA Marlou C
579. GO Abigail V
580. GO Erdelyne C
581. GO Ormil D
582. GOLEZ Sylvester P
583. GOMEZ Ira Jordana Margrethe M
584. GOMEZ Jacqueline Ann Marie O
585. GOMEZ Mark Louie L
586. GOMEZ Michael Geronimo R
587. GOMEZ Patricia Isabel O
588. GOMINTONG Jemarose G
590. GONZALES Lifrendo M
591. GONZALES, JR. Cesario G
592. GONZALEZ Archimedes B
593. GONZALEZ Rosario Carmela B
594. GORRES Angelina Luisa V
595. GRANDE Charlemagne Angelo C
596. GREGORIO Anah T
597. GREGORIO Jenneth M
598. GRIMALDO Ivy Joy R
599. GUAN Ina Claire B
600. GUARNES, JR. Felix G
601. GUAYCO Gideon Rey V
602. GUERRERO Alejandro Epifanio D
603. GUERRERO Feliz Marie M
604. GUERRERO Kathleen Phyllis P
605. GUEVARRA Melanie O
606. GUEVARRA Rexford D
607. GUMABON Joseph Ray P
608. GUMATAY, JR. Efren G
609. GUMBAO Ethyl Fe T
610. GUNGON Flora Fe B
611. GUYO Muamar A
612. HAMOY Owlette Christine Jill D
613. HARON Noharddin M
614. HASSAN Najira S
615. HASSIMAN Jalsidrie T
616. HERNANDEZ Elaine May P
617. HERNANDEZ Helen Grace S
618. HERNANDEZ Robert A
619. HERNANDEZ Rosette M
620. HERNANE Herbert B
621. HERRERA Catherine N
622. HIPOLITO Maria Bienvenida Angelica D
623. HORCASITAS Harold M
624. HUECAS Roy V
625. IDAGO-BELINO Irma Gay G
626. IGNACIO Maria Theresa Distajo
627. ILAGAN, IV Ruben R
628. ILUSTRISIMO Beverly F
629. INIHAO Reymund G
630. INOCENCIO, JR. Miguel C
631. ISIDORO Augusto Eric C
632. ISRAEL Johnny W
633. ISRAEL Marilyn M
634. JACOB Jihan A
635. JALA Majesty Eve L
636. JAM Madeline Arezu T
637. JAMBANGAN Bambeth Mahal C
638. JARA Thacher C
639. JARAMILLA Gilbert M
640. JAVIER Doris C
641. JAVIER Kirby G
642. JAVIER Nesly Joy S
643. JAVILLO-AGUILA Lilibeth M
644. JAYSON Renelyn B
645. JIMENEZ Vicente S
646. JONES Ramon Jose E
647. JOSOL Mary Kathleen C
648. JOVEN Melissa Genevieve B
649. JUAN Eric R
650. JUMUAD Harold A
651. JURADO Leonard Peejay V
652. JURILLA Keenan Rhys Y
653. JUSAY Kenneth J
654. KAKIHARA Jiro G
655. KALIM Abdul Rashid P
656. KAPALAC Judemar V
657. KIMAYONG Zozimo P
658. KINTANAR Maria Ysidra May Y
659. LABINE Annie Rose L
660. LABRADOR Felmanda C
661. LABRIAGA Ma. Jessette G
662. LACSON Rosstum C
663. LADERA, IV Antonio V
664. LADORES Ivan Mark S
665. LAGAN Rachel Lee V
666. LAGUDAS, JR. Eulogio L
667. LAGULA Kristina V
668. LAGUNZAD Sam Dominic T
669. LAJA Leah Easter P
670. LALUNA Ma. Isabel Z
671. LAMBO Ma. Celeste R
672. LAMPACAN Andres Arnold W
673. LAO Kristyn Jean R
674. LAOLAO, JR. Antonio L
675. LARA Maria Leah R
677. LARGO Nelson V
678. LARGOZA Salvador Gregorio L
679. LARIBA Ma. Gloria Alphine S
680. LARIOSA Jessie A
681. LASAM-CUMAGUN Mari-grace C
682. LAURESTE Florida L
683. LAURON Manuel Patrick K
684. LAYGO Jennifer E
685. LAZARITO Khristine Kay M
686. LEDESMA Cheryl Marie V
687. LEE Janice C
688. LEE Kelvin Lester K
689. LEE Marjorie B
690. LEGASPI Bellatrix O
691. LEGASPI Joan Michelle M
692. LEUNG Florendo L
693. LEYCANO Andrea B
694. LEYVA Eunika Lesli R
695. LIANGCO Daryl G
696. LICERA Geony P
697. LICERALDE Ma. Elizabeth L
698. LICO Marisse Gay G
699. LIGMAYO Paul D
700. LIM Bryan S
701. LIM Laarni Victoria B
702. LIM Lovely E
703. LIMBING Cheryl T
704. LINCUNA Duke Ramil P
705. LLANES Lawrence Q
706. LOCAYLOCAY Amife Joan C
707. LOCSIN Ryan A
708. LOFRANCO Vicar Loureen G
709. LOGRONIO Jennie Ann T
710. LOPEZ Dhonadette L
711. LOPEZ Michael Angelo O
712. LOPEZ-ORO Corazon Natividad D
713. LORENZO Edmond B
714. LORENZO Neil E
715. LUARDO, JR. Edgardo B
716. LUCERO Rhoan G
717. LUCILA, II Roberto Rafael N
718. LUIS Benjamin S
719. LUMACTOD Joseph Eric C
721. LUMEREZ, JR. Cresente B
722. LYNN Jacques S
723. MABANES April Rose S
724. MACABANDO Samina S
725. MACABAYA Beryl Concepcion O
726. MACAPAGAL Ferdinand L
727. MACAPAGAL Michael T
728. MACAPAGAL Paolo P
729. MACARUBBO Epifania B
730. MACATANGAY Augusto Leon A
731. MACATANGAY Michael Remir H
732. MACAYRA Marianne M
733. MACEREN Lyndon A
734. MACOY Cristine L
735. MACTAL Walter L
736. MADRILEJO Leonides M
738. MAGNABE Kirk Andrew T
740. MAGTIBAY Medwin B
741. MAGTUBO Rey E
742. MAHAWAN Benison M
743. MAHINAY Girlie C
744. MAHIPUS Diosdado Angelo Junior R
745. MALABAG Maria Rhodora A
746. MALABANAN Karen M
747. MALANDAC Clariza P
748. MALAPOTE Paul Edgar F
749. MALAYA Milagros Evans I
750. MALIBIRAN Bernard Joseph B
751. MALIGAYA Greg Zacarias M
752. MALLARI Katrina Bianca H
753. MAMBA Maria Rosario S
754. MANABILANG Haroun Bin Omar E
755. MANALASTAS Dennis Gerard F
756. MANALAYSAY Andrea Celene M
757. MANALAYSAY Anna Karin F
758. MANALIGOD Ismael T
759. MANALO Paul Erik D
760. MANANGHAYA Maria Melinda S
761. MANANZAN Monica J
762. MANAOG Mary Hazel C
763. MANAOIS Fely Reina V
764. MANCENIDO Uella Vida V
765. MANGENTE Myra S
766. MANGUBAT Rhea M
767. MANLANGIT Angelo D
768. MANONGAS Queen Ann D
770. MANTE, JR. Urbano T
771. MANUBAG Amiel Joaquin E
772. MARABE Ridgway C
773. MARAON Leah B
774. MARAPAO Lord V R
775. MARASIGAN Jennifer M
776. MARASIGAN Nerissa L
777. MARGARICO Paul Andre R
778. MARGATE Karl Anthony R
779. MARIANITO Ronel A
780. MARIANO Emmanuel M
781. MARQUEZ Joyce Marie B
782. MARQUIÑO John Mark C
783. MARTELINO Jobert M
784. MARTHO Edgar S
785. MARTIN Karl Francis S
786. MARTIN Nilo N
787. MARTINEZ Amelia Cristina V
789. MARZAN Antonio F
790. MARZO Lailani C
791. MASACAL Anwar U
792. MATA, II Reynold DG
793. MATEO Eleanor R
794. MATIAS Dexter G
795. MATILLANO Lovely Concepcion C
796. MAURICIO Paul Vincent R
797. MAXIMO Dinah P
798. MAÑALAC Maria Elizabeth S
800. MEDRANO Jayferson F
801. MEER Rafael Antonio P
802. MENDOZA Claudie M
803. MENDOZA Exzon B
804. MENDOZA Gerald Al P
805. MENDOZA Justin Christopher C
806. MENDOZA Melinda Cielo C
807. MENDOZA Sunshine D
808. MENDOZA Winston Aris M
809. MENESES Hermielita M
810. MENOR Benjie Benjamin A
811. MENOR Dianna Kathrina C
812. MERCADO Charade B
813. MERCADO Jihan Carla T
814. MESINA Maria Merle M
815. MICIANO Renee Lynn C
816. MIGUEL Genalyn N
817. MILITANTE Karen Leslie N
818. MILLAN Sharon B
819. MIRANDA Romina M
820. MISA John Paul Louis D
821. MISON Rafael Jaime A
822. MOISES Mary Grace D
823. MOLAS Karen Lisette T
824. MOLDEZ Mary Glenn T
825. MOLINA Christian Dawn G
826. MON Maricar F
827. MONJARDIN Marc Lee N
828. MONSALUD Kristin Ayn D
829. MONTEALEGRE Cheryll Grace H
830. MONTEALTO Stahrl Khristine G
831. MONTECER Marie Concepcion A
833. MONTINO Raul R
834. MONTON, JR. Higino A
835. MORADA Joyce Marie Antoinette L
836. MORALEDA Karla Monica S
837. MORALES April Raine B
838. MORALES Reggie E
839. MORALLOS-OMAR Maria Laarni N
840. MORANDO Jovit R
842. MOSQUEDA Carmela V
843. MOTRIL Helen Grace A
844. NACARIO Jupiter V
845. NADELA, JR. Raul A
846. NAMALATA Joeffrey D
847. NARAG, JR. Mario Atanasio P
848. NARAWI Jullie Mael M
849. NASDOMAN Johnson P
850. NATINO-FALALIMPA Kristin Marie L
851. NATIVIDAD Christian D
852. NATIVIDAD Maria Cecilia G
853. NAVARRO Ma. Cristina T
854. NEBRIJA Michael V
855. NEMENZO Ann Marie L
857. NEPOMUCENO Ann Sophie M
858. NERI Mark Peter G
859. NERO Ma. Josenia A
861. NGO Tom Jayson O
862. NICOLAS Kristian A
863. NICOLAS Menilba M
864. NILLO Aquino Martin V
865. NIONES John Paul D
866. NOCETE Randy F
867. NOCHE Kristen G
868. NODQUE Vida Grace Z
869. NOGOY Ivy Grace B
870. NOLASCO Charisma I
871. NOLASCO Leonid C
872. NOLASCO, JR. Ramon C
873. NUEVO Shirley O
874. NUÑEZ Victor Maria D
875. OBIAL Florence Ed T
876. OBTINALLA, JR. Simeon C
877. OBUS Jose Julius P
878. OCAMPO Francis Louie U
879. OCAMPO Nancy M
880. OCAMPO Rory Jorge L
881. OCANG Jeffrey James G
882. OCHE Jonathan S
883. OCHOA-SARMIENTO Faustina Victoria E
884. OLARTE Rosemarie T
885. OLIDAN Maria Karen S
886. OLIVAR Carlo U
887. OMADTO Jeffrey P
888. ONDOY, JR. Fermin D
889. ONG Cezar S
890. ONGKIKO Emil Bien F
891. ONGSIAPCO Carmela S
892. ONIA, JR. Modesto F
893. ONTALAN Frances Mae Cherryl K
894. ORDAS Nathalia V
895. ORENCIO Donna O
896. OROLA Christopher George L
897. OROPILLA Majellyn N
898. ORTEGA Luz Matilde Niña Dorotea T
899. ORTIZ Ianela Carla M
900. ORTIZ Ruel A
901. OSORIO Fair Lady T
902. OVALLES Franchesca T
903. OÑATE Ronald G
904. PABALAN Analyn T
905. PACIO Maricar P
906. PACOLI Marco Antonio G
907. PACURIBOT Jennifer C
908. PADAYAO Renchi May M
909. PADERANGA, JR. Goering George A
910. PADILLA Jennifer G
911. PAGHACIAN Chiqui H
914. PAGLINAWAN George Ahmed G
915. PAGTAKHAN June Ann R
916. PAGUICAN Adrian D
917. PAGULAYAN Amorsito B
918. PAGULAYAN Domiciano A
919. PAGUNTALAN Mark Geoffrey P
920. PAHUGOT-TOLEDO Anatrinel T
921. PALABRICA Gladys Pearl T
922. PALAO-GUARINO Dioanne B
923. PALILEO Anya M
924. PALISOC Marianne R
925. PALMA Richard Alfred N
926. PALMES Jacqueline H
927. PALOMO Alaine Arnolf A
928. PAMFILO Floralie M
929. PAMONAG Ronilo L
930. PANCHO Frela S
932. PANGANIBAN Jefren P
934. PANGHULAN Garry A
935. PANGILINAN Erlyn Aurea T
936. PANIS Rhuel D
937. PAQUEO Alwen M
938. PARADERO-GUZMAN Katharine Freida B
939. PARAOAN Karl Patrick N
940. PARAÑAL Marveluna A
941. PARDIAN, JR. Joseph L
942. PAREJA Randy M
943. PAROJINOG Gemma F
944. PASCUA Charity L
945. PASCUA Ramar Niel V
946. PASCUA Raymond Joseph D
947. PASCUAL Rigor R
948. PASTELERO Miguel Antonio B
949. PASTORES Stella Angela G
950. PATAJO Jose Paolo A
951. PATRIARCA Richard P
952. PAYLIP Rosevee R
953. PEGARIDO Erlyn M
954. PELANDOC Rico S
955. PELAYO Virgie Lynn O
956. PERALTA Arjay N
957. PERANG Dennis C
958. PEREZ Gene Vincent G
959. PEREZ Joseph Brian T
960. PEREZ Ma. Kathryn Joy Q
961. PERILLO Patrick Simon S
962. PESCADOR Jeremy L
963. PESTAÑO Rose Mae F
964. PEÑALOSA Wilfred Ramon M
965. PHUA Marc Achilles M
966. PICHAY Jane Laarni O
967. PILLADO Noreen A
968. PINEDA Cristina Mia S
969. POBLETE Jonathan Sixto M
970. POBRE Christopher H
971. POLITICO Jeicqpoi N
972. PONFERRADA Regidor A
973. PONSARAN Joy Marie B
974. PONSARAN Raizuli A
975. PONTANAL Alpha Carole O
976. PONTEJOS Fiona G
977. PONTIOSO Rhea Mae A
978. PRADO Crystal I
979. PROSIANOS Myrtle B
980. PUA-NG Janelyn S
981. PUASO Garry Franco C
982. PUGOY Roland Jun S
983. PULMA Dionne E
984. PUNO Charles Michael T
985. PURUEL Rojane M
986. PUZON David Julian G
987. PUZON Kaythreene Eunice G
988. QUAN Ryan Jeremiah D
989. QUE Nanette A
990. QUERRER Janice S
991. QUEZON Don-vic P
992. QUIDATO Sherwin Paul E
993. QUILENTE Mary Grace C
994. QUIMPO Maria Kristine A
995. QUINAGAN Cristina Mae G
996. QUINTANA Rizza R
997. QUIRINO-ABALOS Sylvia Maria Anna P
998. QUITAIN Elizabeth F
999. QUITAIN Katherine F
1000. QUIZO Mary Therese P
1001. RABAGO Rey S
1002. RABORAR Eden R
1003. RACHO Melanie V
1004. RADJAIE Tareeq Yahya Timhar A
1005. RAFAL Chris A
1006. RAGASA Jerleah Remedios B
1007. RAGAY Mera Jane C
1008. RAIMUNDO Rhudilyn April B
1009. RAMIREZ Leslie B
1010. RAMIREZ Shaina Anella B
1011. RAMOS Anna Lorem R
1012. RAMOS Gemma Lou P
1013. RAMOS Ginalyn Y
1014. RAMOS Patrick T
1015. RAMOS, III Primo A
1016. RANARA Lilibeth R
1017. RANCES Domnina T
1018. RANCES Esther Rose N
1019. RAPISTA Judy Marie E
1020. RAYMUNDO Vanessa C
1021. RAZON Judy B
1022. RECINTO Alex G
1023. RECIO Marichelle B
1024. RECTA Gracea Hephzibah R
1025. REFAZO Mynoa M
1026. REFE Analyn E
1027. REGIS April Love C
1028. REMIGIO, JR. Glenn A
1029. REMULLA Giselle B
1030. RENEGADO Renato C
1031. RENOMERON Timm B
1032. RESURRECCION Maria Greta R
1033. REUYAN-DABON Joyous S
1034. REVILLA, JR. Quirino P
1035. REYES Antoinette E
1036. REYES Irene Patricia N
1037. REYES John Adelbert L
1038. REYES Johnson G
1039. REYES Kristine Mari I
1040. REYES Mark A
1041. REYES Ron Winston A
1042. REYES Valerie Jill S
1043. RIBAS James Paul J
1044. RICAFORT Evita Mariz M
1045. RICO Ellen S
1046. RIVAMONTE Ryan B
1047. RIVAS Polaris Grace H
1048. RIVERA Augustine A
1049. RIVERA Francinina Gracia I
1050. RIVERA Joy S
1052. ROBILLO Ernesto Raphael V
1053. ROBLES Frederick Joe N
1054. RODRIGO, III Romeo G
1055. RODRIGUEZ Karen Joyce D
1056. RODRIGUEZ Niño A
1057. RODRIGUEZ Renel Joseph T
1058. RONGO Marcelino C
1059. ROQUE Anna Kristina D
1060. ROQUE Nelson Silvestre
1061. ROSALES Juvy Grace E
1062. ROSARIO Albert R
1063. ROSARIO Lotis P
1064. ROSELLO Jalika Mae F
1065. ROVERO, JR. Vicente F
1066. ROXAS Chino Paolo Z
1067. ROXAS Johndy B
1068. ROXAS Rea M
1069. RUANTO Chris Paolo R
1070. RUBENECIA Vic Allan E
1071. RUBIO Carl Andrew M
1072. RUIZ Ariel N
1073. RUIZ Cholyn Mae M
1074. RUIZ Jose Meno C
1075. SABARRE Rino E
1077. SABERON Paul Richard A
1078. SABIO Fides Angeli G
1079. SADANG Felton C
1080. SADIA Francisco F
1081. SAGA Alvin L
1082. SAGAUINIT Kenneth C
1083. SAGMON Ingrid P
1084. SAGPAEY Jake A
1085. SAHIRON Lilian I
1086. SAIDDI Pherham S
1087. SAJILI Aquino J
1088. SAKANDAL Al-kadam A
1089. SAKKAM Eric Ismael P
1090. SALA Mashur S
1091. SALADAGA Romeo A
1092. SALAZAR Armida B
1093. SALAZAR Didith A
1094. SALAZAR Doris Sharry P
1095. SALAZAR Johnsen A
1096. SALAZAR Roberto A
1097. SALCEDO Karl Andre G
1098. SALE Jenny U
1099. SALEM Ephraim Garnet M
1100. SALIENTE Jacqueline Kate T
1101. SALONGA Christianne Grace F
1102. SALUD Joseph B
1103. SALVA Jocelyn T
1104. SALVE Allan O
1105. SALVO Ariel C
1106. SAMONTE Aren Marie H
1107. SAMPIOR Jorrey T
1108. SAMSON Benjamin R
1109. SAN JOSE Aiza Katrina L
1110. SANCHEZ Bheejhay D
1111. SANCHEZ, II Jay Karel P
1112. SANTIAGO Genesi M
1113. SANTIAGO James A
1114. SANTIAGO Jay Patrick R
1115. SANTIAGO Joann Norpeth M
1116. SANTIAGO Michael M
1117. SANTOS Jhon V
1118. SANTOS Ma. Angelica M
1119. SANTOS Melissa A
1120. SANTOS Michelle Sharon Clara C
1121. SANTOS Phillip Charles G
1122. SANTOS Regina Azucena G
1123. SAQUETON Maria Cresenciana M
1124. SAQUING Sheryl B
1125. SARENAS Jason Kyle M
1126. SARMIENTO Ramon Abraham A
1127. SARNO Michael Angelo C
1128. SATURNINO Charles Ian O
1129. SAYAO Rosemarie B
1130. SECILLANO Jefferson C
1131. SEE Mary Kimberlie C
1132. SEGURA Richelle R
1133. SELPATEN Rodante C
1134. SEMA Omar Yasser C
1135. SENO Andrei P
1136. SERRANO Edward Robinson P
1137. SERRANO Juanito D
1138. SESE John Martin H
1139. SETIAS Lorevi Grace C
1140. SEVA Farrah Mae R
1141. SEVILLA Miracle Joy P
1142. SIA Teresa Geraldine C
1143. SIA, III Quintin P
1144. SIAO Kristin Charisse C
1145. SIASON Alfonso Miguel ML
1146. SIH Davidson Rich L
1147. SILANGA Donnalee G
1148. SILVALA Michael Philip B
1149. SINOGBA Rosalio S
1150. SIRUNO Christian Paul G
1151. SISON Adrian Manuel P
1152. SISON Anna Marin F
1153. SISON Jeffrey Michael F
1154. SISON Sarah Maria Q
1155. SISON-JAVIER Sheila Marie V
1156. SOBERANO Maria Jomah F
1157. SOJOR Alvie Marie L
1158. SOLANO John Albert S
1159. SOLERO Dhalya Grace M
1160. SOLIDON Trina Joy A
1161. SOLIS Carlo Roberto C
1162. SOLIVAS Jasmine L
1163. SOMBRITO Jenny Mae Z
1164. SOMERA Helen Grace J
1165. SORIANO Donna S
1166. SORIANO Marlon U
1167. STA. ANA-LAZARO Bernadeth N
1168. STA. ROSA Karla A
1169. SUBEJANO Z'sa May B
1170. SUBIBI Arneil B
1171. SUELO Risha Mae J
1172. SUGUE Neil Anthony L
1173. SUGUI Louella S
1174. SUGUITAN Sara Jane A
1175. SUMAGAYSAY Nasty Jones S
1176. SUMPO Gilda A
1177. SUSON Mary Ann W
1178. SY Anthony Jordan L
1179. SY Maritess C
1180. TABANERA Lynnicel L
1181. TABLATE Jaemarie N
1182. TADEO Ryan T
1183. TAGABING-GALANO Lovelorn S
1184. TAMAYO Ray Jean D
1185. TAMON Bernard O
1186. TAMPON Aaron L
1187. TAN Art Laurent A
1188. TAN Ashley Lene N
1189. TAN Christine Joy K
1190. TAN Eunice Hyacinth L
1191. TAN Francis Ambrosio S
1192. TAN Norma A
1193. TANDOG Frances Cyrille F
1194. TANGONAN, III Eugenio N
1195. TANGUANCO Alvin B
1196. TAPAYAN Olive Grace A
1197. TAPIA Arvin Q
1198. TAYLAN Kathrine S
1199. TE Marilyn O
1200. TECSON Arlene Grace DV
1201. TECSON Ferdinand C
1202. TED Rosbie I
1203. TELAN Allison Zoila M
1204. TELAN Melissa Anne M
1205. TEMPROSA Charmie Clare T
1206. TEODORO Edison C
1207. TEODOSIO Therese T
1208. TIMBOL Chrysostom T
1209. TIMBREZA Nannette M
1210. TINAZA Leah B
1211. TIPAN Erlinda Candy S
1212. TIU Heli B
1213. TOLEDO Marjorie Ann C
1214. TOLENTINO Mark Kristopher G
1215. TOLENTINO Rommel T
1216. TOLOSA, JR. Benjamin S
1217. TOPACIO Anthony Leonard G
1218. TOQUERO Ismael A
1219. TORBELA Paolo G
1220. TORMES Francy D
1221. TORMIS Maria Carmen R
1222. TORREDES Artemio Jay G
1223. TORRENTIRA Aldrin O
1224. TORREVILLAS Manuenilda Rosario A
1225. TORRIL Jennifer M
1226. TRINIDAD Rudyard Anthony M
1227. TRIPOLI Christopher P
1228. TUAZON, III Jerome Victor C
1229. TUBBAN Henry Junior B
1230. TUMANENG Angeline M
1231. TUPAS Gene Carl L
1232. TUTOR, JR. Fidel S
1233. TY Robert Leo C
1234. UBOD Ronel A
1235. UDARBE Dendo G
1236. UGALINO Karen Anne M
1237. ULANDAY Marcelo N
1238. UMILA, II Benito B
1239. UNTALAN Mialeen C
1240. UY Jerilee V
1241. UY Juan Carlos T
1243. VALDEHUEZA Christian L
1244. VALENZUELA Carol G
1245. VALERA, JR. Joseph D
1246. VALLEJO Jenny May G
1247. VARGAS Carlo Alessandro B
1248. VASQUEZ Gerald DL
1249. VEGA Marie Crystal May C
1250. VEHEMENTE Renato R
1251. VELASQUEZ Cielito May T
1252. VELASQUEZ Kaima Via B
1253. VELASQUEZ Shirley G
1254. VELOSO Marius Fitzgerald E
1255. VENERACION Ma. Theresa S
1256. VER Christian Francis C
1257. VERANO Samuel C
1258. VERGARA Manolo Geoffrey C
1259. VERGARA, III Melito A
1260. VILLABLANCA Reymond Q
1261. VILLAMOR Jordana Day V
1262. VILLAMOR Michael Angelo A
1263. VILLAMOR Vimari D
1264. VILLANIA Reynold B
1265. VILLANUEVA Karl Anthony B
1266. VILLANUEVA Monica Isabelle I
1267. VILLANUEVA Wilnerson B
1268. VILLARIÑA Glenn C
1269. VILLASFER Dennis R
1270. VILLEGAS Adelwiza S
1271. VILLEGAS Jonathan C
1272. VILLEGAS, II Enrique C
1273. VILLENA Charito R
1274. VILLENA Katherine C
1275. VILLEROZ Raymond C
1276. VIRAY, III Marcial Joseph M
1277. VISTO Jay M
1278. VITAL Menita J
1279. WADINGAN Lisle D
1280. WATANABE Ayako S
1281. WEE SIT IV Manuel M
1282. WONG Jessa G
1283. WONG Lynvic M
1284. XAVIER Ela R
1285. YABUT Michael C
1286. YADAO, JR. Arturo Y
1287. YAMBAO Marissa C
1288. YANOGACIO Mariel A
1289. YANSON Juvy D
1290. YANTO-VIRAY Catherine A
1291. YEBAN Ryan John T
1292. YPULONG Rhyne A
1293. YU Frederick T
1294. YUMUL Bess Joy M
1295. YUTATCO-SZE Gloriosa P
1296. YUZON-CHAVES Kristine Rosary E
1297. ZALES Marvin L
1298. ZALSOS-UYCHIAT Maria Paz Teresa V
1299. ZAMBRANO Sheryl Jane C
1300. ZAMORA Ysabel Maria J
1301. ZAMORAS Joseph Ian S
1302. ZAPANTA Andrei J
1303. ZAPATA Ronadale M
1305. ZARAGOSA Jinky C
1306. ZARENO Michelle May I
1307. ZIPAGAN Myra T
1308. ZOLETA Tristan Ysaak M
1309. ZOSA Athena M
1310. ZOSA, III Manuel Eufracio F